Note Investing

The world’s oldest investment.


For thousands of years people have been lending to others.  Historically private lending, from one individual to another, was the main source of lending, in the recent past banks have usurped the private lender.  There is still a huge need of funds that banks are unable to meet.  This is where the opportunity lies for private lenders.  As a private lender you have the chance to lend money directly on your terms, with direct knowledge of the security, and direct knowledge of the borrower.


Becoming a private lender can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be, we can help.  Not everyone is suited to be a private lender.  A private lender is generally someone that is looking for more security in their investments.  A private lender is a knowledgeable investor but not someone that likes the roller coaster feeling of watching their investment fluctuate every minute of the day.  A private lender prefers more control over their risk and return.  A private investor has a long term strategy for their money.  As an investor you need to determine what you want and if you trust yourself or someone else making your major investment decisions.

Lending comes in two basic forms of either secured or unsecured.  Unsecured lending is based on the faith in the borrower to pay back the loan.  Secured lending takes into account the borrower’s ability to pay back the loan and adds a coat of security by having an asset for protection.  Examples of security may vary greatly, as long as the asset has a value to the lender, borrower and is marketable.  The security could be a car, boat, stocks or real estate.

The Note Shop offers opportunities to lend on local secured real estate loans.  These are often called mortgages or notes/deeds of trusts.  You take the place and profits from the bank or mortgage company (with our help throughout the process).

We offer uniqueness by allowing you to see what you’re investing in, select what best meets your requirements and allow you to maintain complete control of your funds.

Though banks do offer these types of notes also, we do not lend like they do.  We focus on low loan to value notes (more equity protection) with shorter terms (6 months to 3 years).

We also concentrate on borrowers who understand and can best afford the rates charged on private loans–real estate investors.  They spend the time locating good quality deals and price into their models the higher costs of these notes over more traditional lending.  Real estate investors borrow from private lenders for various reasons such as the ability to move quickly to secure a deal.  Banks are increasingly being limited by the government on what they can lend and the red tape requirements they have to meet to lend are increasing.