“I have worked with Mike Bonn for 2 years now with private funding and have referred many clients to him.  I have received consistently good feedback and happy investors.”

Jenn D

National Real Estate IRA Specialist

I have been investing in notes through Mike Bonn’s The Note Shop and Mortgage Partners for three years and want to thank him for the great work he has done in bringing me solid investments.  He does a thorough job of finding good borrowers and good properties with low enough LTVs that I know my risks are minimized.  If there are any issues that arise over the course of the note’s life (which is seldom), Mike works hard to collect payments and/or close out the note in a timely, yet profitable manner.  This allows me to be hands-off in the investment process which I like; I trust him with making the right decisions and finding good investment notes.  My investments with Mike have been much more profitable with less risk than other investments out there and I will be a client of Mike’s for decades to come.

Chad K
Phoenix Capital Management, LLC

I am a mid-size investor and small business owner who has been investing
with Mike Bonn for 3 years.  I loan money through trust deeds Mike has
originated.  I have taken my investment money out of the stock market with
it’s risk to the downside, and get superior returns with Mike.  I like using
trust deeds to invest because of the asset backing the loan.  I feel like I
have something I can touch and see instead of owning shares in a company I
have no personal knowledge of.

I have recommended using trust deeds as an investment to my friends, and
encourage them to look into them to understand how they work, and the steady
interest income they generate.

Pete T
Trail Ridge Trading

I recently contacted Mike to get help with a mortgage default demand letter.  Mike was very helpful promptly providing language for the letter.  Mike also offered information and advice to secure the property being foreclosed.  At no cost to me, he even made two trips to inspect the property as I am out of town.  Mike was extremely helpful to me in this difficult situation.  My experience with him to this point has been Outstanding!

Steve W


I have been a client of Michael Bonn, for 3 years and Michael, is a Master in his field. He has a passion for helping his clients, it’s a good feeling having Michael Bonn, on my Team.

Donald J

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for funding my buyers deals so quickly and professionally. You have funded several of buyers and each one closed on time without any problems. A special thanks for bending over backwards to get that Broadway Ave. deal done too!


I’m looking forward to our next closing.

Colm M

AC Homes, Inc.

To Whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Mike Bonn.  The Note Shop operates with an uncommon amount of passion and integrity with a unique feel for the entire picture. They are completely informed about how my end of the business operates while at the same time extremely creative in structuring transactions in such a way as to mold the square peg into the round hole.  Mike has founded emerging concepts that have really changed the way that people invest and the way that hard money loans are utilized.  They are a great organization and I have very much enjoyed referring both entry level and seasoned clients.  I look forward to working with them for years to come.

Rob W


Mile High Real Estate, LLC

Mike is clearly an expert at analyzing and purchasing promissory notes. He breaks down the specific asset and does a full proprietary due diligence procedure for all of his clients. Mike provides a full recommendation based on cash flows, exit strategy, pricing and risk analysis of the lien, judgment or debt.


I have full confidence in his professional valuation process and exit strategies.  He provides consistent accurate analysis and recommendations on how to reduce my risk and increase my returns.


Scott R



I have known and worked with Michael Bonn for over two years.  He not only has tremendous knowledge and understanding of real estate and finance, but more importantly, he is a man of integrity.  He treats his clients the way he would want to be treated and goes out of his way to make sure their needs are met all the while looking out for their best interest even if it is at his detriment.  His honesty and ethics are the reasons I choose to do business with him over others and will continue to do so in future.


Stephanie F

I have been doing business with Mike Bonn for several years.
Mike is an expert in his field and the most knowlegible person
I have ever met in the note industry.  I have had several
successful transactions with Mike and  I  refer his company
often to clients who are looking to buy or sell notes.
Mike’s great reputation and integrity speak for themselves.

Lisa T
RE/MAX SOUTHEAST                         

I have worked with Mike Bonn for over 10 years in several joint business ventures. I continue to work with him due his high level of integrity and keen business sense.

Eric W

Louisville Colorado 80027